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Bluetooth Physical Computing

Let There Be Light

{coding, circuitry, interface design & construction, sensors, bluetooth connection}

This project explores the Bluetooth communication between two pieces of hardware (Arduinos with their respective circuit) in building an interactive remote-controlled rotating lantern. 

Different visual cues on the interface invite users to explore multilayered controllable functionalities without explicit verbal instructions.


This system uses two microcontrollers, one functioning as a BLE central and the other as a BLE peripheral.
The BLE central has an Arduino controlling a button, a potentiometer, a light sensor, a water sensor, and an LED. The peripheral controls a rotating lamp, a hanging rotating lattice, and lights, which are all controlled by the central.

The process documentation below shows the interconnection and functionality of all compartments.
peripheral diagram.jpg

Applicable Spaces

Though this project utilizes a one-to-one microcontroller connection, the same BLE technology allows for one microcontroller to control up to multiple ones wirelessly, which not only means a more efficient device set up for large-scale interactive installations, but also means the user is unleashed from a pre-determined location of interaction and can move around in the installation space with the remote control, seeing the work from different viewpoints.

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