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Transmedia Storytelling
Toronto Urban Legends

{research, illustration, 3D modeling, AR experience, print design, web design, collateral design}

This is a transmedia storytelling project, through the use of multiple media channels (print, video, AR), this project narrates the alternative universe of a Toronto filled with mystical creatures depicted in urban legends.
Why the focus on urban legends? They are an integral part of modern urban culture. Bringing urban legends to life provides a great way for people to engage with the city they live in from a counter-anthropocentric perspective.

Design Scheme

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 17.09.09.png

Character Cards

The 3 chosen urban legend creatures represent the 3 creature categories (alien, ghost, and cryptid) living in different parts of Toronto. Each card includes physical traits, fun facts and unique personality traits, and where to sight each creature. The medieval illustration and text styles give these cards a mysterious and ancient vibe. 

Functionality-wise, these cards can also be used as AR image anchors, which can be scanned to display the creatures in AR respectively, as detailed in the AR section below.

3D Models & AR Experiences

3D models of the 3 creatures were constructed for the AR experience that allows the creatures to "come alive" at their unique sighting locations. Thus, the style of the 3D models differs from that of the illustration on the character cards. It's realistic, vibrant, and texture-rich, to enhance the immersive AR experience.
Then, the AR experiences were triggered on-site by image anchors, in accordance with each creature's respective urban legend sighting locations. Simple animation and audio are played as the viewer interacts with the AR scene.

AR Experience Photos and Videos

alien subway new_edited.jpg

Blog and Youtube Channel

Alex is a fictional human character who lives in Toronto and explores urban legend locations for mysterious creatures. He logs his discoveries in his blog, where he maps out his sightings and creates an archive for each creature featuring videos, photos, sighting locations, and an information sheet. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts his discovery videos.

By having this offshoot in the transmedia narrative, the perspective shifts to that of a human explorer. This provides an accessible and immersive introduction to the alternative universe where urban legend creatures and humans co-exist. 


Last but not least, character stickers were printed as free giveaways during the final show. They could also be purposely stuck in the locations of urban legend creatures and be used as image anchors for AR experiences in those public spaces. 
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