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Choose Your Own Adventure
Day in the Life of a Teenage Menstruator

{design research, game flow design, illustration, interactive design}

This is a choose your own adventure game centered around the experiences of a teenager managing her menstruation at school.
Through making the choices in each scenario, players realize the impact of stigma and shame around menstruation and reflect on the toxicity to women, especially those inexperienced teenagers.

“The impact of stigma is felt across many areas of young people’s lives, from mental health, body image, and self-esteem, to limiting activities and behaviors.” (Plan International UK, 2018).


The project started with secondary research on the culture of menstrual shaming and the lack of consideration for menstruators in school. By re-creating 4 scenarios, each with different choices, players explore and empathize with the stressful and often silenced experience endured by menstruating young women.
The sketches show the development of the visuals of each screen, which mimic the look of hand-drawn tarot cards, for their ability to communicate emotionally charged narratives. 
The flowchart indicates the logic of the game.
AE prototype 1.jpg

Applicable Spaces

This game could be an approachable and educational resource for teenagers to engage with at school and potentially inspire a reflection and discussion on the detriments of period shaming culture. 
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