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The goal is to design costumes and assign acts for Lane and Charles, two characters from the play The Clean House, by Sarah Ruhl.


Ruhl's play The Clean House follows the lives of a doctor couple, Lane and Charles, Lane's sister, Lane's cleaning lady, and Charles' newfound soulmate; it tells a story full of absurdity and humor as everyone finds out about Charles' soulmate.

Lane is a successful doctor and loves to control every single detail of her life. When these characteristics get translated into costumes, I summarized the keywords as "functional, simple, and neat". Lane is very occupied with her work, leaving her with no time to think about fashion, instead, she just grabs whatever outfit allows her to perform her daily tasks the best.
Charles is "childlike under his doctor's coat", according to Ruhl. When he falls in love with Ana, his soulmate, his childlike innocence and lack of common sense get fully expressed. This quality is shown by goofy and brightly-colored clothes which people don't associate with doctors.

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