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Tropical Leaves

Data Visualization Posters

{secondary research, data visualization, illustration}

The Life of Plants

This is a data visualization project about the life cycle of flowering plants.
The first poster focuses on the macro-level, overviewing the "life cycle" part of the narrative, and the second poster focuses on the micro-level, detailing the "flowering stage" of different plants.


I started designing both posters by exploring the general shape of the main graphic elements, as well as how to utilize them to convey the information collected. Then, I moved on to experimenting with colors and secondary graphic elements, such as illustrations, icons, and typography.
Poster 1: The Life of Tomato Plants
Life Cycle Poster Process Sketches.jpg
process documentation thumbnails2.jpg
Poster 2: Pollination and Reproduction
Pollination Poster Process Sketches.jpg
process documentation thumbnails.jpg
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