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The goal is to create an animation with basic shapes to visualize a 30-second audio clip of choice.



The 30-second audio clip I picked is the sound of popcorn popping in a microwave.


I incorporated different shapes and lines that respond to the audio to show the development of the popping process. 


Throughout, the animation emphasized one piece of black "kernel" that didn't "pop" until the end, to add a sense of surprise and visual interest.


I started by listening, analyzing, and sketching the waveform of the popcorn popping audio. In the sketch,


I made notes of when certain key sounds took places, such as the sound of the microwave door closing, the beeping, and the popping. 

With my narrative mentioned in the previous section in mind, I then developed key visuals that mapped to each key sound. This sketch is a documentation of that.


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